Free your mind

Scotland was .. nice? awesome? super? pure freedom? 
After I came back from 3 weeks without internet, phone and other people around me besides my dad, everyone asked me ‘how it was?’ and i hated the question.
When someone tells you, he spent 3 weeks walking, no supermarktets, no other people, no communication to the outer world, just you, your best friend and mother nature, how do picture the scene?

Scotland/ backpacking was the best thing I could have done, because I became sure about certain things I almost gave up before. A change of place means a change of mind and honestly; we need it. 


Yesterday I arrived with Theo in Edinburgh at about 7 am. I was really tired and exhausted and we went to a friends house to stay for the next two nights. We didn’t go to sleep until 1 pm, even though both of us just slept for a maximum of two hours the night before. We woke up at 5 pm again. Carla, one of the friends we are staying at, woke us up for some dinner. She made potato, falafel, salad and some mince. 
After Dinner, Theo and I walked to TESCO in Edinburgh, to buy some Groceries and also to just get out the house.
We bought some cheddar cheese, bread, skittles, water and IRN BRU (It’s really funny and it has an indescribable taste.) ->
On the way back, we ate some of the cheddar with bread, it was really tasty! Also, we met a small striped cat. She (I bet she was female!) was really hyper and cute. 
Today we got up at 9:30 and had some breakfast with tea. After that, we skyped with my mom and at about 12:30 we left the house and walked to Edinburgh. We went to the Bus Station, the Tourist Information (where I asked for a flyer of the Zoo Edinburgh, to check if they really have Pandas AND THEY DO! :( SO SAD. NOW I WANNA GO, BUT I CAN’T) Soooo, also we went to the park and through many different streets.
We walked around for 5,5 hours and had a yummy dinner back here.
Tomorrow, we’re going to catch the bus to inverness at 12:30 and I won’t be able to write again til march 16th, but THEN! I’ll tell about my backpacking adventures, just like Bear Grylls does ALLL THE TIME.  

Change change change

After Tenerife, I worked for 3 weeks I guess and then I moved to Hamburg for University. And against my expectations: IT’S GREAT. 
I live together with two of my very good (and now best) friends and it works great.
I really expected it to be not thaaaat good and probably just ‘okay’.
But let me start at uhm well, The Beginning. (Uhhh capital letters implying something VERY VERY IMPORTANT UHH UHH)

I moved to Hamburg on sunday and came back to my parents house that following thursday, because I had a motorcycle lesson then (the last one before my actual drivers license test von friday) and it went good. 
I took the test on friday and I made it! So now I officially have a drivers licence for motorcycles. I can’t wait till spring to bike around. Chrmchrm.  
Okay, then Saturday I didn’t do much, I packed my last things and it in the car aaaaand also I visited a friend of mine and went to a pub with her and a friend. Sunday was really unspectacular. I was really sad when I woke up, because that sunday, I really was ‘leaving’ and really ‘moving’ it didn’t feel like that a week before, because I knew I’d come back 4 days later. So when I left I was crying really hard and it didn’t stop til after I arrived and slept that day in my ‘new home’.
Monday, the first day of University started and I had no clue what to expect, but I love all my professors (almost… well a couple.. some), because they are really passionate about teaching.

Next week will be my fourth week of university and so far I love it!
I have great classes (expect for one) and it’s not as bad as people say it is.
This weekend (I’m home for this week end) I did a lot of stuff for university, so that kind of makes me a really happy face! =D

I can’t wait to go back tomorrow and see my room mates’ faces!

And I’ll be posting pictures (don’t have them on this laptop, apologies!). 


NP Teide

Guess what!

Day 6 on Tenerife

To start off, I am NOT IN ALGHERO. I changed my flights and decided to not go to Italy, but Spain.

My plan was actually to walk around and backpack a bit, but that seemed impossible after I managed day 1 and 2.

Day 1:
I arrived in Tenerife at 11:30 pm and went to Santa Cruz (up north) by bus.
In Santa Cruz I got a total culture shock, realized that I was on my own and that I would have to manage how to get somewhere to sleep.
After walking around for 2 hours I went into a huuuuge 5 stories Supermercado (supermarket) and was super happy. :D Everything smelled like fruits in there and it was nice and cold. After walking around for another 2 hours, I took the bus to El Bailadero, because I saw (on my GPS) that there was a hostel up in the mountains.
From the little bus stop in El Bailadero, I walked a quarter mile up the mountain and arrived at the hostel that was - CLOSED. I was almost crying, but I laughed, cause that just simply could not be possible. I turned around to think about what I was going to do next, because the bus I took was the last one for the day. Surprisingly someone opened the door and asked me if I wanted to stay in the hostel for the night. I WAS SO FRICKING HAPPY, seriously. I paid 14€ for the night and had a room for 6 for myself.
I cried a lot that night, after calling my dad, cause I realized camping aint gonna happen in Tenerife.

Day 2:
The next day I left @ 10 am in the morning. I walked 3 miles down the mountains and then 7 back up to get to Taganana. The way to Taganana was a bit scary sometimes, because the road is really tiny and big busses were driving both ways. All vehicles have to honk before they drive around a curve to warn people ahead.

In Taganana I walked around for 5 minutes, and then desperatly waited for a bus to take me back to Santa Cruz from where I wanted to get to El Medano, because AGAIN ON MY GPS I found a campground between El Medano and Los Abrigos.
After all that happened and after I arrived at the campground I was happy to have a place for the next 3 days.

Day 3: It was sunday and because I knew most shops and basically cities were closed, I decided to walk to El Medano. The walk is always nice, but seems like a 2 mile walk across the desert.
To get to El Medano by feet, you have to walk around the Montaña Roja and then along the beaches. I found a couple Internet Cafés and chose the cheapest one. (The guy who works here is really nice.)
I browsed around a little and stared at the ocean and at all the wind surfers here, because El Medano is best beach in Tenerife to surf at. :-)

Day 4: FUCKING LA CUCARACHA (cockroach) in my tent! Noooo! I woke up, tried to find my watch to see how late it is and all I saw was a cucaracha in my tent! After 15 minutes of fighting, I won.
I went to El Medano again and tried to find out stuff about my flight back and trips I could do. I wanted to go to my beach in Las Tejitas, but that day swimming was forbidden. (If theres a red flag up, you are not allowed to go into that water), but I already thought that, because the waves were really tough. I went back to the campground and sat on a bench for 2 hours after showering.

Day 5: I woke up early to catch the bus to Los Christianos. From there, I took the Bus to Las Cañadas del Teide (to the National Park around the Teide Volcano/Mountain). There, I wandered for 6 hours across the National Park and it was the best day I had so far! Super Amazing weather and everything. I drank 4 litrles water in those 6 hours, because I forced myself to drinking a lot. I met a guy from the States and talked to him a lot. It was super nice to finally meet someone to talk to! :)

Day 6: Well, that is today! After waking up, I packed some stuff and walked to the beach (Las Tejitas). The waves were awesome and it was so good to well, not swim, but dive through the waves.
Thats all I did so far. Lay on the beach, swim, lay on the beach, swim.. fy!

And sorry if most of this is not understandable and English worse than whatever, but I don`t have that much time to re-read and correct.

Alghero hhhhh Algheroooo

I booked my flight to Alghero! I can’t wait. 

USA mke

My friends’ goodbye-party is tonight! I’m about to leave but I just had to post quick. She’s leaving for NY on monday and there she’ll be an au pair! I’m super excited for her and I can’t wait for tonight. 
She’ll do great, I bet.  


So, I found out why exactly f-ing spotify does not work and I am not amused. :-(

Come to Germany soon, please? Thought about getting Spotify premium for 10 pounds a month, but then again thought about that it would be 120 pounds in a year and 1200 pounds in 10 years and that i’d never paid that much for music in my entire life which equals 19 years minus 9 years without internet. 
Impressive how I become a mathematics-pro sometimes.  

OH yeah, work sucks for real. Tourists suck also, but oh well.  1 1/2 month left, that keeps me going.

Besides, I’ve been thinking about an au pair year in the States. I just feel like home is elsewhere but here. (And I’ve been feeling that way for way too long now.) So Au-Pair is my solution and I think it sounds pretty good. I hope I won’t get into College in Hamburg, ‘cause that would just decide everything.  
If I came into college there, I’d have to decide between 5 years of awesome living in Hamburg or 2 years of the States. I feel like it’d be wrong to stay here, when my life has been begging and screaming for some more time overseas since I came back. 


Gotta make a quick confession over here. I fucking LOVE spotify. 

What I’m asking for

I’ve been begging for some change in my life and there we go! 

Pretty much everything changed.

Things got better, things got worse, mathematically everything is the same. 

I go to work on some days, I’ll probably switch jobs this week, I have beef with my parents, but not for dinner, only for real. (Whatever I did, I probably am not sorry.)I feel like I should apologize for breathing some days… so that kinda got worse. I have more time for myself. Time to think, time to breathe. I enjoy being on my own. I enjoy having company. 
I still have to apply for College. I only applied to 3 U’s. Oh, and I got back to listening to music a lot and humbling my way through the day. (Instead of watching TV)? Though I miss my secret IDONTWANTCOMPANY-days, where I just watch movies, be by myself and relax. Gotta do that soon. Like. (like like like like) right now!

Duluth, April 14th. 

We love grammar.

We love work. And birthday. And cake. And birthday cakes from work. 

Brings me my States closer. <3